Frequently asked questions


What are the special rules of a Stage Race?

Please review USAC rules regarding the rules of Stage Racing. Under Stage Race rules you must start each stage and receive a finishing time. It is not possible to start only a single stage of the road race or the criterium, without finishing the previous stages. If you miss a stage start, if you have a mishap that prevents you from finishing a stage, or if you are disqualified from a stage you will be listed as Did Not Finish with no option to start the next day. The organizers of the Steamboat Stage race have no desire to hold an omnium as the competition is completely different, please do not request that we change our event to an omnium. In addition to special stage race rules, please obey all laws, race officials, and volunteers. Lastly no racer who receives a DNF in any stage will be given a entry fee refund.

What time is my Time Trial start time?

The finalized time trial start times will be posted after registration closes on Thursday September 1st and once posted cannot be changed. If you miss your TT start, go directly to a race official at start line and tell them what category you are. It is at the discretion of the race officials, not the promoter, for any missed starts and all racers who miss their start may receive a DNF/be unable to start the next day. Final TT start times will ultimately depend on the total number of racers competing.

Where do I complain, compliment, and contest?

We welcome and want your feedback, but ask that you keep it constructive and consider the constraints of promoting multiple days of road racing. Of particular importance to the organizers of the Steamboat Stage Race is safety and if you have input or concerns relating to safety, absolutely make us aware so we can address the issue. If you enjoyed an aspect of our event or would like to see something changed, please email us with the category your participated in as well as contact info that we may follow up with.

All concerns regarding results should be directed to a race official as soon as possible. Do not go to the promoter or race staff to contest your place, your DNF, or any penalizations.